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Lynda – Grasshopper Essential Training

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Beginner | 5h 16m | 1020 MB | Project Files | Software used: Rhino, Grasshopper

Lynda – Grasshopper Essential Training

Info: Algorithmic modeling is where design and programming intersect. Grasshopper—a plugin for Rhino 3D—is a graphical algorithm editor that allows you to create complex 3D models with less grunt work. The resulting designs are both sophisticated and flexible. In this course, artist and programmer Chris Reilly introduces advanced math techniques and fully-developed hands-on projects that help you understand how to make the most out of the parametric design tools in Grasshopper. See how to build a flexible product design for mass production with a parametric design algorithm. Plus, learn how to use plugins like Ladybug to model big data sets, generate recursive patterns with scripting, and build geometric patterns that auto-tessellate. By the end of the course, you’ll see how even basic literacy in Grasshopper can be applied to developing projects for art, manufacturing, architecture, and design.

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  1. Grasshopper基础培训 算法和建模是设计与编程的交汇。grassshopper是一款用于rhino 3d的插件,作为图形化的编辑器可以让你使用更少的工作创建复杂的3d模型。所期望的设计是既复杂又灵活的。在本教程中,艺术家也是程序员Chris Reilly会为你介绍高级的数学技术以及开发完整的实用项目,用以帮助你理解如何最大程度地发挥Grassshopper中参数设计工具的威力。你会学习到如何通过参数设计算法设计一款灵活的用于大众消费的产品设计。另外,还会学习如何使用如Ladybug这样的插件进行大数据记得建模,使用脚本生成递归模式以及开发能够自动屏幕复合的几何模式。学习完本教程,你将掌握基本的Grassshoper功能并能够应用于开发艺术、制作、建筑和设计项目中。
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