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Microsoft Azure Batch: Fundamentals

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Microsoft Azure Batch: Fundamentals
Microsoft Azure Batch: Fundamentals
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Whether you’re doing simulations, machine learning, or something else entirely, this course teaches you how to configure and run your workload in Azure Batch - including using GPUs and Docker - to produce the results you need.

Today you might be doing some simulations, machine learning, or rendering with your own hardware. But what if you could do those tasks in a tenth of the time? In this course, Microsoft Azure Batch: Fundamentals, you’ll learn how to utilize the Batch service to run and scale your HPC workload in the Azure cloud. First, you’ll discover what workloads and architecture work with Batch, allowing you to decide whether it’s a good fit for your situation. Next, you’ll learn how to run a Batch job via the Azure portal and then in C# code via the Batch SDK. Finally, you’ll see how Batch supports more advanced scenarios such as using GPUs for performance and Docker for portability. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll understand how to build a production-ready application leveraging the Azure Batch service.

Microsoft Azure Batch: Fundamentals


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