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Design a Compute Strategy for Microsoft Azure

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Design a Compute Strategy for Microsoft Azure

Design a Compute Strategy for Microsoft Azure
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Understanding the compute capabilities of Azure is critical before embarking on any cloud project. This course will teach you the compute solutions available in Azure, and how to choose the right compute options based on different requirements.

Architecting solutions in the cloud can be intimidating as there are so many compute options. In this course, Design a Compute Strategy for Microsoft Azure, you will gain the ability to identify the optimal compute solution for varying requirements, ensure performance and resiliency for the solution, and understand how different compute options can work together. First, you will learn the VM capabilities of Azure and how to scale. Next, you will discover the container-based services available in Azure, including their orchestration. Finally, you will explore how to leverage the most commonly used Platform as a Service compute options available in Azure. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of Azure compute services needed to fully architect an Azure-based solution.

Design a Compute Strategy for Microsoft Azure


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  1. 针对Azure设计计算机策略 理解Azure的计算机能力在开展云项目之前是至关重要的。本教程将会为你带来Azure中可用的计算方案,以及如何基于不太的需求选择正确的计算选项。 在有许多计算选择的时候架构云端的解决方案可不是件容易的事。在本教程中,你将学习针对各种需求识别计算解决方案,确保性能和解决方案的弹性,以及理解不同的解决方案如何协同工作。首先,你将学习Azure的VM功能以及如何规划。接下来,你将Azure中基于容器的服务,包括他们的组合。最后,你将学习如何利用最常使用Azure中的PaaS计算选项。当你学习完本教程,你将掌握Azure计算服务对基于Azure的解决方案的完整架构的知识。
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