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A Beginners Guide to R Programming

A Beginners Guide to R ProgrammingA Beginners Guide to R Programming
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The importance of data is undeniable with companies fighting over the right to your data. The power of data has exceptionally grown in today’s world where data offers everything you need to know about a person or a potential future trend. This has companies scouring to find amazing data analysts that can help them make sense of the large sets of data available. Companies are using this data to make decisions that can change the direction of the world. This is why R is currently one of the most important languages on the tech market. So, if you want to master R – you’ve come to the right place! Our R course is taking you back to the basics to help you breakdown the dynamic and easy R programming language. The course doesn’t simply focus on the theory, but also on how to actually work with data by showing you the step-by-step process and helping you build your own experimental programs. These will also help you get some insight into how you can actually write programs using R and how you can analyze data sets to create graphical representations of the data that you have. At the end of this course, you’ll have the knowledge as well as the confidence to start working on analyzing large data sets and turning them into data that makes sense. Enroll now and become a master analyst with this basics course!

A Beginners Guide to R Programming


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  1. R编程入门 随着企业对你的数据的争夺,数据的重要性是不可否认的。数据的力量在今天的世界得到了毫无例外的发展,数据为你带来了需要了解一个人或某个未来趋势的一切信息。这也要求企业寻找能够帮助他们解读海量数据集的天才数据分析师。企业正在使用这些数据制定会改变世界走向的决策。这就是为何R是当前技术领域中最重要的语言之一了。那么如果你希望掌握R,本教程适合于你。我们的R教程会带给你帮你学习动态并且简单的R编程语言的基础知识。本教程不会简单地只讲理论,还会通过一步步的过程告诉你如何真正地处理数据,并帮助你开发你自己的实验程序。这会帮助你真正掌握如何使用R编写程序,以及如何能够分析数据集来开发这些数据的图形化表现形式。学习完本教程,你将在掌握基础知识的同时,能够自信地开始分析数据了。