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Delivering Value Quickly with ICAgile

Delivering Value Quickly with ICAgile

Delivering Value Quickly with ICAgile
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This course brings you one step further in obtaining your ICAgile Certified Professional Agile Fundamentals certification. Learn how to integrate your project work to ensure frequent delivery following agile principles and best practices.

Utilizing agile principles is an efficient way in order to deliver value to your customers or product owner quickly. In this course, Delivering Value Quickly with ICAgile, you'll learn why agile projects are designed to deliver value in increments, along with best practices. First, you'll discover how to structure project work around the value it provides. Next, you'll explore how to build a backlog and ensure consistent quality. Finally, you'll learn how to continuously integrate your project work to ensure frequent delivery without introducing inefficiencies to your workflow. By the end of this course, you'll have necessary knowledge to efficiently convert sets of project objectives into meaningful stories and actions.

Delivering Value Quickly with ICAgile


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  1. ICAgile快速交付价值 本教程会为你带来在取得你的ICAgile认证额外的知识。学习如何将你的项目工作整合以确保遵循敏捷原则和最佳实践的经常性的交付。 利用敏捷原理是一种为你的顾客或产品所有者快速第交付价值的有效方法。在本教程中,你将通过最佳实践学习为何敏捷项目被设计成累进地交付价值。首先,你将学习如何围绕其所提供的加之结构项目工作。接下来,你将学习如何开发一个待办事项并确保统一的质量。最后,你将学习如何持续地将你的项目工作集成以确保经常性的交付而不会发生无效的工作。学习完本教程,你将掌握有效地将项目目标转换为有意义的故事和行动的必要知识。