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Becoming a Software Tester

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A Sneak Peek Into a Software Testers Career

What Will I Learn?
Will get a general idea about the profession
Will know what a day in the life of a software tester looks like
Will get familiarised with some necessary vocabulary
Will get some hints for a job interview
Will get some hints for the first days at work

Be an advanced computer user
Good problem solving skills
Be interested in the tech industry

This is a crush course on becoming a software tester aka a QA engineer. There is an increasing demand for QA jobs nowadays, and companies are looking for armies of people to test their products. In this course you will learn what Quality assurance and software testing is. Will get the understanding of the profession, find out what your day at work would look like, and most importantly will learn the necessary fundamentals that will help you to succeed during the interview and during the beginning of your software testing career. Good luck!

Who is the target audience?
Be interested in a QA engineer job
Be interested in a software tester job
Looking for an entry job at a tech company

Becoming a Software Tester


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  1. 成为一名软件测试者 这是一门帮助你迅速成为一名软件测试者,也就是QA工程师的速成教程。时下对QA工作岗位的需求量与日俱增,企业也正在寻找大量的人员测试它们的产品。在本教程中,你将学习何为QA和软件测试、每天的工作的内容以及最重要的帮助你在面试和软件测试生涯的初期获得成功。 主要内容: • 了解这项工作的主要内容 • 熟悉日常工作 • 掌握专业词汇 • 得到面试技巧 获得日常工作的提示