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JixiPix Photo Formation Pro 1.0.7 MacOS

JixiPix Photo Formation Pro 1.0.7一种可将图像自动转换为创意纸张,然后使用3D引擎投射超酷阴影。用它来分割,连接,编织,切片和折叠照片成片断,生成所有细微的折痕,卷曲和弯曲。 Photo Formation配备了预设库,让您快速自动呈现各种作品。

将照片与其他组件区分开来的是强大的照明系统。面向2D空间的照片编辑系统呈现真实的3D爆裂褶皱和折痕以及所有视角扭曲,为逼真的高端效果投下真实的阴影!照明是完全可调的,只需在文档周围移动即可改变阴影的方向。您还可以通过复制光线来设置多个光源,以创建出色的双重和三重阴影 – 有多少取决于您!

JixiPix Photo Formation Pro 1.0.7 | macOS | 130 mb

Photo Formation is a photo effect that auto-transforms images into super creative paper formations then uses a 3D light engine to cast ultra cool shadows. Use it to fragment, join, weave, slice and fold photos into fascinating eye-catching pieces, with all the subtle creases, curls and bends as if painstakingly assembled by hand.

Photo Formation comes with a library of one-touch presets to get you started fast, and a randomize button that automatically renders a variety of paper creations over and over until you get something catered to you. Moving, rotating and scaling tools can then be used to customize each composition—the sky is the limit to what can be done!

We make it easy to use without taking control away from you, the artist. If you are the hands on type who likes to make stuff from scratch, an Auto Generate button gets you in the creative mode by starting the initial paper effect for you then presents a control panel so you can make it exactly the way you like. It’s not as much work as it sounds, just specify how many strips, tiles or folds; how much curl, crinkle or depth; and if you want exposure, opacity, texture and grain. An apply button renders the creation to the document where you finish it off by moving around paper elements (only if you want), and adding optional photo settings.

What sets Photo Formation apart from others is it’s powerful lighting system. Oriented in a 2D space, Photo Formation renders true 3D popping folds and creases along with all their perspective distortions that cast realistic shadows for an amazing high-end result! The lighting is fully adjustable and by simply moving it around the document you can change the direction of the shadows. You can also set up multiple light sources by duplicating the light to create fantastic double and triple shadows—how many is up to you!

Photo Formation comes as a standard application or blend it into your workflow with an included plugin for: Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom, PaintShop Pro and Affinity Photo

Compatibility: OS X 10.8 or later 64-bit

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