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TrackGod Sound TrackGod 2 v2.00/v2.01 RETAIL [WIN OSX]-DECiBEL

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TrackGod Sound TrackGod 2 v2.00/v2.01 RETAIL [WIN OSX]-DECiBEL screenshotTeam DECiBEL | 17 Jul 2018 | WiN (VST): 1.33GB | MacOSX (VST AU): 1.65GB

You Focus on Your Beats. TrackGod Will Handle the Rest.

The long-awaited update comes with several new features. Aside from the remastered GUI, the plugin includes a refined ARP section, equalizer, and filters.

To shape the sounds, you can now choose from 7 different effects including Tremolo, Saturation, Compression, Stereo, a Bit Crusher, Distortion and a Chorus. Next, you can use the new mod panel to add two LFOs and two Envelopes to adapt the presets to your needs. Finally, a unique Layer option has been added, giving you the possibility to layer two different presets and create stunning new sounds by mixing them together.


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