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WinZip System Utilities Suite Multilingual

WinZip System Utilities Suite Multilingual

WinZip公司发布了一款有用的系统实用工具WinZip System Utilities Suite ,或者说是系统工具套件,用户将从根本上优化Windows计算机操作系统。该软件包括了将近24种的非常有用的工具清理硬盘,数据保护,系统优化,极大限度解决了其他日常优化任务。

WinZip System Utilities Suite 3.x Multilingual | 48.1 Mb

Speed up your computer and keep it running at peak performance with WinZip System Utilities Suite, a comprehensive set of easy-to-use PC tools designed to help you clean, protect, and optimize your system.

- Includes over 20 system utilities to improve computer performance
- Features one-click functionality and easy, automated options
- Boasts a simple interface with an intuitive work flow
- Provides a one-stop solution for PC performance optimization
- Supported Languages: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Portuguese.

Clean your system
Free up your computer from unwanted clutter! WinZip System Utilities Suite includes several powerful tools that scan and remove dead weight from your computer, all with a few simple clicks.

Protect your system
Avoid costly and potentially irreversible system issues! WinZip System Utilities Suite includes easy-to-use tools that protect your PC from security threats, crashes, and data loss. With WinZip System Utilities Suite, you can check your hard drives for file system and disk errors, permanently delete private data, and remove privacy-exposing traces that may lead to data leaks.

Optimize your system
Organize your system to run at peak performance without having to understand everything under the hood! WinZip System Utilities Suite includes helpful PC tools that do all the testing, fine tuning and rearranging for you. The result? A fully-optimized computer system that runs smoothly, efficiently, and much faster!

Operating System:
32 and 64 bit operating system support
Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8, 10

Home Page - http://www.winzip.com/

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