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Rudy Kouhoupt – Pinstriping Made Simple

Rudy Kouhoupt - Pinstriping Made Simple

DVDRip | .AVI, XviD, 1555 kbps, 720x480 | English, MP3, 128 kbps, 2 Ch | 68 mins | 858 MB

Subject: Hobby/DIY

Notice how Rudy's engines and models are always dressed up with tasteful paint and pinstriped designs.

He has developed a foolproof method for achieving satisfying results every time so your designs will have a professional and classy look.

He discusses materials and tools, patterns for wheels and panels, line types, and then demonstrates his techniques for creating perfect pinstripes.

Also included are his outline, construction drawings for a trammel and drawn examples of his successful designs.

Rudy Kouhoupt - Pinstriping Made Simple

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