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(大师班3D动画教程)Basic3dtraining 3D Animation Master

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本教程由Basic3dtraining 官方出品的Basic3dtraining 3D Animation Master教程,大师班3D动画教程。大小:4.47G,mp4高清视频格式,语言:英语。价值:149$

教程所使用的软件:DAZ Studio

Master 3D animation, and create bautiful movies that make your audience go WOW, regardless of what software you’re using…
Complete step by step comprehensive program, taking you from your idea, to the final edited animation.
Showcasing DAZ Studio and Sony Vegas Pro, this generic comprehensive step by step 3D animation training program will let you dive straight into storytelling, storyboarding, character animation, facial animation, object animation, camera work, video editing, sound and music, adding video effects, matching 2D and 3D graphics and even camera tracking.

Presented in high quality HD 1280 x 720 streaming video, with downloadable WMV and MP4 version of each video.



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