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Building an Android App with Architecture Components

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Building an Android App with Architecture Components
Building an Android App with Architecture Components
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Google now offers a set of recommended components for architecting Android apps. Android developers can learn how to follow these recommendations to improve their initial development process and simplify long-term maintenance. In this course, learn best practices for building high-quality Android apps using the Android Architecture Components for data persistence and display. Instructor David Gassner teaches these concepts in a real-world context by using the Architecture Components to build a simple note-taking app from start to finish. He shows how to define an SQLite database with the Room library, display a list of data with the efficient RecyclerView component, and update the user interface with observable LiveData objects.

Building an Android App with Architecture Components

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  1. Google 现在提供了一套用于设计 Android 应用程序的标准组件。Android 开发人员可以学习如何遵循这些标准来改进他们的初始开发过程并简化长期维护。在本课程中, 学习使用 android 体系结构组件进行数据持久性和显示的构建高质量 android 应用程序的最佳实践。导师 David Gassner 通过使用体系结构组件来构建一个简单的笔记应用程序, 从头到尾地在实例中讲授这些概念。他演示如何使用Room库定义 SQLite 数据库, 用有效的 RecyclerView 组件显示数据列表, 以及使用可观察的 LiveData 对象更新用户界面。
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