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Swords and Shovels Character Controller and AI

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Swords and Shovels Character Controller and AI

Swords and Shovels Character Controller and AI
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Instructor: Michael Baker

Learning how to craft character controllers and pathfinding systems is essential to any game programmer's success. This course will show you how to create these items and more in a click-to-move, top-down dungeon crawler.

Character control in a click-to-move top-down game requires a pathfinding system to allow freedom of player movement. In this course, Swords and Shovels Character Controller and AI, you’ll learn how to work with Navmesh and Navmesh agents, setup character animation, and write code to create a character controller. First, you’ll discover how to bake a Navmesh in a game level. Next, you’ll explore how to work with a Navmesh Agent and animation to control character movement. Finally, you’ll learn how to write code and fine tune the system. When you’re finished with the course, you’ll understand how to author a top-down character controller. Software required: Unity.

Swords and Shovels Character Controller and AI
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