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Ableton Live 10 Essential Training

Ableton Live 10 Essential Training
Ableton Live 10 Essential Training
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Create music in real time, on stage, or while producing in the studio, with Ableton Live 10. In this course, music professor Rick Schmunk shows how to compose, record, remix, improvise, produce, and edit your musical ideas using this powerful software. Get familiar with the Live interface, learn how to set up your audio and MIDI hardware, and explore how to create a Live set. Plus, discover how to record and edit both MIDI and audio, shape the sound of your projects by applying effects to your tracks, warp audio, and much more. As you get acquainted with Live 10, you'll learn real-world production skills that can be applied to songwriting, studio production, and DJing.

Ableton Live 10 Essential Training

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  1. 通过Ableton Live 10来创作即时音乐,不论是在舞台上, 或当演播室中表演时。在本课程中, 音乐教授Rick Schmunk展示了如何使用这个强大的软件撰写、录制、混合、即兴创作、制作和编辑您的音乐灵感。熟悉软件界面, 了解如何设置音频和 MIDI 硬件, 并探讨如何创建实时集。另外, 还要了解如何记录和编辑 MIDI 和音频, 通过对曲目增加音效、改变音频模式等来塑造项目的声音。当你熟悉生活 10, 你将学习到可以应用于歌曲创作, 工作室创作和 DJing的真实世界中的创作技能。
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