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Truefire – Mark Tuinstra’s Funk Rhythm Guitar Guidebook (2018)

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Truefire - Mark Tuinstra's Funk Rhythm Guitar Guidebook (2018) screenshotPublisher: Truefire | Language: English
Video: MP4, 864x486 (16:9), 971 Kbps, 29.970 fps
Audio: MP3, 128 Kbps, 44100 Khz, 2 channels
Size: 643 Mb | Length: 01h 15min

The rhythm section is the engine of any funk band. If that engine is humming then feet are tapping and people are dancing. Guitarists play an essential role in the rhythm section; they not only have to lock into the pocket with the bass player and drummer, they also have to spice up the groove with percussive techniques, single-note riffs, and chord punches.

Think of Mark Tuinstra’s Funk Rhythm Guitar Guidebook as your owner’s manual for quickly developing your funk guitar vocabulary. ”I’ll demonstrate how to lock in with the rhythm section, play essential funk grooves and licks, and at the same time be original and inventive. We’ll be combining chords, riffs, intervals and different picking techniques. We'll dive into typical funk chords, we’ll play "lazy" in a slow funk groove, and we’ll get fired up in an uptempo James Brown groove. “

Multi-talented guitarist and recording artist, Mark Tuinstra played and performs in a variety of rhythmic styles from jazz and pop, to free improv, African and Indian music. Mark has toured extensively in Brazil, Guatemala, Turkey, Japan, Ireland, Senegal, Egypt, Japan, France, Italy, Spain, and Holland playing festivals and numerous jazz venues. We’re thrilled to welcome Mark to the family with his first TrueFire course, the Funk Rhythm Guitar Guidebook!

Mark will also show you how to create rhythmic tension in a Stevie Ray Vaughan 12/8 groove and play funky double stops in irregular patterns in a Red Hot Chili Pepper groove. You’ll explore the sweet combination of blues and funk ala The Meters and wind up the course playing a funky groove in 5/4 to give you more rhythmic confidence.

You’ll play your way through the 9 performance studies, learning all of the essential funk rhythm guitar techniques along the way. For each of the 9 studies, Mark will demonstrate the performance over a backing track and then break it down for you, emphasizing the key funk rhythm guitar concepts and techniques in play.

Truefire - Mark Tuinstra's Funk Rhythm Guitar Guidebook (2018) screenshot

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