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Applied Kotlin for Android Application Development

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Applied Kotlin for Android Application Development
Applied Kotlin for Android Application Development
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Kotlin greatly reduces source code verbosity. With Google having announced its support for Kotlin as a first-class language for writing Android apps, now's the time to learn how to create apps from scratch with Kotlin

The Applied Kotlin for Android Application Development course is for developers who have some experience in the basics of Kotlin and are ready to take the plunge into the more advanced stage. This course covers Kotlin's superpowers, as it were. You should already know the syntax, but now we will go over the things that make Kotlin stand out—such as inline functions and null safety.You will learn about Anko, a Kotlin library which makes Android application development faster and easier. It makes your code clean and easy to read and smoothes out the rough edges in the Android SDK for Java. You will also publish the app you built during the course to get an overall end-to-end experience of Kotlin Android application development.

By the end of this course, you will have gained experience in creating and deploying Android applications using Kotlin.
The code bundle for this video course is available at:

Applied Kotlin for Android Application Development

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  1. 使用Kotlin进行安卓应用开发 Kotlin大大地减少了冗长的代码。随着Google宣布其对Kotlin作为编写安卓应用首选语言的支持,现在是时候学习如何从零基础开始学习开发应用了。 本教程适合具有基本Kotlin经验的开发者,并准备通过学习更上一层楼。本教程涵盖了Kotlin的强大功能,所以你应当实现了解其语法,但是我们将会回顾一下令Kotlin独树一帜的亮点,如内联是函数和空安全。你将会学习Anko类库,这可以令安卓开发更快更简单。其使得代码整洁和易于阅读,并令安卓开发的难度降低。你还会在学习过程中发布应用,并全面了解Kotlin安卓开发的全流程。 学习完本教程,你将获得使用Kotlin开发和部署安卓应用的经验。
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