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BadArtz – CSGO To Cinema 4D Tutorial Pack

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BadArtz – CSGO To Cinema 4D Tutorial Pack

This Tutorial Pack Includes:
6 Highly detailed video tutorials that will teach you how to import almost anything in CSGO into Cinema 4D. Including A whole dedicated tutorial just for setting up and installing all the required programs.

Tutorials Include extras such as texturing and rigging the models.

External links to other helpful tutorials on the internet.

Access to a discord server where there will be many people willing to help you with any issues you run into.

My personal contact email so that you can contact me if you get stuck at any point.

A HUGE database of files and subfolders to help you organise your work and keep up with the tutorials without getting lost.

Download links to ALL sounds in CSGO.

Download rapidgator

Download nitroflare

Download 百度云


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