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YEARN Tyrants Conquest-TiNYiSO

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《渴望暴君的征服(YEARN Tyrant's Conquest)》是TripleRam Games制作发行的一款回合制策略游戏。前往被暴君们蹂躏的战场,选择成为其中一位暴君,使用愤怒的攻击粉碎你的敌人。游戏支持单人模式以及本地多人模式,拥有20张地图可以征服。

Take control of tyrants in this party strategy game. Plan, flank and witness the fun chaos that is simultaneous turn based combat!


  • Simultaneous turn based combat
  • Play as 4 maniacal tyrants
  • 20 Maps to conquer
  • Conquest mode with 5 cups to choose from
  • Game mutators to twist up the gameplay
  • CPU bots for single player
  • Share a controller for multiplayer or use multiple controllers

Genre: Casual, Indie, Strategy
Developer: TripleRam Games
Publisher: TripleRam Games

Release name: YEARN Tyrants Conquest-TiNYiSO
Size 931MB

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