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Learning Astute Graphics for Illustrator

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Learning Astute Graphics for Illustrator
Learning Astute Graphics for Illustrator
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The Astute Graphics plugins can help you be more precise, efficient, and creative with Adobe Illustrator. In this course, learn how these plugins can revolutionize the way you draw and edit artwork in Illustrator. Instructor Mike Rankin explains what each plugin does and discusses how these plugins can offer more efficiency and features not available in the native Illustrator tools. Mike covers drawing and editing with VectorScribe and InkScribe, aligning and arranging objects with ColliderScribe, creating beautiful symmetry with MirrorMe, and adjusting color and applying effects with Phantasm. He also goes over tools in DynamicSketch and WidthScribe that make drawing with a tablet even more natural and intuitive.

Topics include:

  • Working with dynamic corners and shapes
  • Moving points along a path
  • Cleaning up vector artwork with redundant points
  • Drawing with symmetry
  • Connecting and straightening objects
  • Adjusting colors with filters and effects
  • Creating vector halftones
  • Sketching with brushes and variable width strokes
  • Configuring autosaves and automatic backups
  • Stippling vector graphics, photos, and text
  • Applying and editing texture effects

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