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Hunt Down The Freeman-CODEX

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《追捕弗里曼(Hunt Down The Freeman)》是一款由Royal Rudius Entertainment制作发行的第一人称视角的冒险动作类游戏,该作包含有十分精彩的剧情,玩家将以新的主角、新的视角来看待整个游戏,整个游戏过程将会带给大家前所未有的游戏体验,并且多元化系统以及元素都大大丰富着游戏玩法,因此感兴趣的朋友千万别错过了这款佳作。

Description: It’s time to tell the story of the villain. Hunt Down The Freeman takes you into a journey like no one has before. Witness the pain of the villain firsthand with over 14 hour gameplay, over 40 levels, immersive gameplay, cinematic cutscenes and an over an hour long, heart touching OST. The player picks up the Machete of H.E.C.U Sergeant Mitchell, who finds himself in a hospital during alien invasion so called 7 Hour War. Mitchell is thrust into a battle of survival and is forced to face challenges to survive. This marine has to use all of his training, both with firearms and thinking tactically, to parkouring across the levels. Mitchell has to manage his inventory with over twenty-six unique weapons and gadgets, find the best way to get the job done, and do whatever it takes for his own survival.

All Walls Must Fall takes inspiration from genre classics like X-Com, Syndicate and REZ, as well more recent indie games like The Banner Saga, Braid, SUPERHOT and Crypt of the Necrodancer.


  • Rich story:
    A brand new adventure, a new protagonist, a new story, a new point of view. This is not a remake of a story that’s already been told, it’s a unique tale of a villain hunting the good guy.
  • Inventory System
    HDTF boasts an inventory system with many guns to chose from, managing ammunition among your weapons. If you run out of 9mm ammunition in your submachinegun, your 9mm pistol won’t work.
  • Parkour Mechanics:
    Climb, scoot and crawl around your enemies! HDTF did more than leaning when you run, Its pride and joy is the parkour system. Falling more than ten feet doesn’t mean death anymore.
  • Characters
    New faces, new voices. It’s time for a new cast, featuring some prominent multi-media celebrities.
  • Cutscenes:
    Over 45 Minutes of cinematic cutscenes, creates the perfect taste to the story.
  • Graphics
    Time for a new toaster, we’ve added new higher resolution textures and high-poly models, pushing Source to the limit.

Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer:  Royal Rudius Entertainment
Publisher:  Royal Rudius Entertainment

Release Name: Hunt.Down.The.Freeman-CODEX
Release Name: Hunt.Down.The.Freeman.Crackfix-CODEX
Size: 22.4 GB

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