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YumeNikki Dream Diary-CODEX

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RPG制作大师作品中最为出色的杰作,也是问题点最多的『梦日记』。KADOKAWA 开发团队,为对『梦日记』及其作者KIKIYAMA老师作出衷心感谢,在原作的构思上加上现代独立游戏风格,新作品『梦日记 -DREAM DIARY- 』正式发售。

Description: Yume Nikki has been hailed as one of the greatest (and most controversial) games ever created with RPG Maker. The new YUMENIKKI -DREAM DIARY- is not a remake, but a full reimagining of the original―reconstructed and enhanced using elements and styles of modern indie games.


  • Yume Nikki’s legendary characters and locations reimagined in 3D
  • 6 expansive dreams to explore
  • Exploring dreams with gameplay evocative of modern indie classics
  • An inventive concept that sets the imagination running
  • Deep item- and Effect-driven dream exploration
  • NASU the minigame: Evolved

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: KADOKAWA CORPORATION ,Active Gaming Media Inc.
Publisher: AGM PLAYISM

Release Name: YumeNikki.Dream.Diary-CODEX
Size: 974.6 MB

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