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GIT Fundamentals

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GIT Fundamentals
GIT Fundamentals
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Instructor: Eric Parker

GIT Fundamentals introduces the popular open source version control system. Through lectures and hands-on exercises, you will learn how to setup and configure GIT on your local system, create a local repository, create projects, commit files, clone a repository, push changes to a remote repository, create and apply patches, revert changes, merge branches and manage file conflicts. GIT basics such as storage mechanisms, architecture and branching strategies will also be thoroughly covered. Users who complete this course will have the foundational skills necessary to successfully work on a GIT based project. This course is based upon GIT 2.14

GIT Fundamentals

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  1. 压缩包里面是iso镜像文件,挂载镜像之后,在第3章的第一个文件01 GIT Setup & Configuration,第4章里面的第2个文件02 Modifying Files in GIT都只有3,4M大小,不全,播放器显示无效的视频,无法播放。甚是可惜。
    babu18018个月前 (02-28)
  2. GIT 基本原理介绍了流行的开源版本控制系统。通过讲座和动手练习, 您将了解如何在本地系统上设置和配置 GIT、创建本地存储库、创建项目、提交文件、克隆存储库、将更改推送到远程存储库、创建和应用修补程序、还原更改、合并分支并管理文件冲突。GIT 基础知识 (如存储机制、体系结构和分支策略) 也将被完全覆盖。完成本课程的用户将具备成功处理基于 GIT 的项目所需的基本技能。本课程基于 GIT 2.14
    sunsource(特殊组-翻译)8个月前 (02-24)