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Euro Fishing Bergsee-CODEX

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《欧洲钓鱼模拟(Euro Fishing)》是Dovetail Games制作的一款钓鱼模拟游戏。欧洲钓鱼模拟带你深入了解欧洲著名河流的刺激,乐趣,和美丽。熟悉掌握你的鱼竿,鱼线和策略,锻炼你的技巧成为一名钓鱼大师。这款游戏让你躺在沙发上也能体验最接近现实的钓鱼乐趣。

Description: Bergsee (Mountain Lake) is found in the foothills of the Austrian mountains where the scenery is as spectacular as the fishing. This isn’t where you would expect to find a lake but those that know about it know that this 15-acre venue holds some special fish.

There are some lovely Carp up to 36lbs but this venue is famous for the size of its coarse species which can really grow on with no catfish present. With Bream over 19lb and Tench over 14lbs, Bergsee holds some amazing specimens.

That’s not all – Bergsee also contains a brand-new species of fish for you to attempt to catch – the Perch, including two boss Perch.

Key Features of this venue include:

  • Stunning scenery in foothills of Austrian mountains
  • 27 new boss fish and 12 new achievements
  • Our biggest Bream, Tench and Roach so far
  • New species – Perch

Genre: Simulation, Sports
Developer: Dovetail Games
Publisher: N/A

Release Name: Euro.Fishing.Bergsee-CODEX
Size: 5.9 GB

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