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Symantec Encryption Desktop Professional 10.4.1 MP2 HF2 Multilingual Win/Mac

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  • 安全文件共享锁定了一台笔记本电脑,桌上型电脑,外部驱动器或USB闪存驱动器的全部内容,包括引导扇区,系统和交换文件。
  • 启用加密电子邮件和安全的AIM®即时消息。
  • 创建独立于存储加密安全的文件共享和使用特定的文件包括公用事业运输容器PGP自解密归档,PGP虚拟磁盘,PGP邮编。
  • 包括PGP碎纸机可以完全摧毁不必要的基于磁盘的文件和文件夹。
  • 驱动器加密可以通过赛门铁克加密管理服务器集中部署和管理


  • 快速部署和透明的操作,同时提高存储的数据保护,最大限度地减少用户中断。
  • 确保邮件不增加用户负担的情况下,提高遵守政策和法规,但又不妨碍生产力。
  • 允许用户轻松透明地共享加密文件和文件夹,而不会影响用户的工作效率,提高数据的安全性。
  • 加密管理服务器集中管理数据安全策略的创建,部署和管理和报告

Symantec Encryption Desktop Professional 1x MPx Multilingual (Mac/Lnx) | 30/76 MB

Symantec™ Encryption Desktop, Powered by PGP Technology is a security tool that uses cryptography to protect your data against unauthorized access. Symantec Encryption Desktop protects your data while being sent by email or by instant messaging (IM). It lets you encrypt your entire hard drive or hard drive partition (on Windows systems)—so everything is protected all the time—or just a portion of your hard drive, via a virtual disk on which you can securely store your most sensitive data.

You can use it to share your files and folders securely with others over a network. It lets you put any combination of files and folders into an encrypted, compressed package for easy distribution or backup. Finally, use Symantec Encryption Desktop to shred (securely delete) sensitive files—so that no one can retrieve them—and shred free space on your hard drive, so there are no unsecured remains of any files.

Disk, Volume, & File Protection
PGP Desktop Professional includes PGP Whole Disk Encryption to lock down the entire contents of a laptop, desktop, external drive, or USB flash drive, including boot sectors, system, and swap files. Pre-boot authentication is enforced and the always-on encryption is transparent to the user, automatically protecting data. Volume and file encryption provides an added layer of security to protect sensitive data while the system is powered on.

PGP-Protected Messaging
PGP Desktop Professional provides email and instant messaging (IM) encryption between AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) users with PGP Desktop to enable confidential communications. Policy-based enforcement simplifies security, providing transparent operation with no additional user requirements.

Flexible Deployment Options
PGP Desktop Professional can be rapidly deployed in standalone mode in smaller companies or to critical users within a larger enterprise. As security requirements evolve, organizations can easily migrate existing users to a centralized, managed architecture without changes to user behavior or credentials and add new encryption functionality to existing deployments, as needed.

PGP Encryption Platform–Enabled
The PGP Encryption Platform provides a strategic enterprise encryption framework for shared user management, policy, and provisioning automated across multiple, integrated encryption applications. As a PGP Encryption Platform–enabled application, PGP Desktop Professional leverages PGP Universal Server users, keys, and configurations, expediting deployment and policy enforcement. PGP Desktop Professional can be used in combination with other PGP encryption solutions to provide multiple layers of security.

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