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AutoCAD: Extracting Data from Drawings

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Duration 1h 20m Project Files Included MP4

AutoCAD: Extracting Data from Drawings

Have you ever spent a lot of time designing in AutoCAD, only to turn around and have to manually create some sort of report containing the same data you put into your CAD drawing? In this course, AutoCAD: Extracting Data from Drawings, you’ll learn how to tap into the often ignored data already embedded in your CAD files, allowing you to create reports easily, accurately, and save time in the process. First, you’ll explore valuable best practices for CAD design, which will help you make the most of Data Extraction. Next, you’ll delve into using the Data Extraction command to create tables linked directly to design data, which are easily updateable as your project evolves. Then, you’ll discover how to manipulate the extracted data by adding formats, sorting and filtering data, and even adding formula columns. Finally, you’ll learn about different file formats you can export data to for use outside of AutoCAD. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll not only know how to make the most out of the Data Extraction and Data Linking features, but you’ll know how to make your designs do the talking for you. Software required: AutoCAD 2008 or higher (AutoCAD LT does not have the required functionality).

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