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Lighting VFX Workflows with Katana and RenderMan

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Lighting VFX Workflows with Katana and RenderMan

Have you ever wonder how to fully integrate a CG asset to a backplate? In this course, Lighting VFX Workflows in Katana and RenderMan, you’ll learn how to efficiently use those software packages in conjunction with NUKE 11 to integrate any CG asset to a backplate. First, you’ll discover how to stitch and prepare the HDRI to be used on Katana. Next, you’ll explore how to match the lighting on Katana to the corresponding lighting on set. Finally, you’ll cover how to quickly calibrate the lighting of your renders in NUKE and bring back that information to Katana for the final render. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll not only be able to integrate any asset to your plates, but also develop a solid VFX lighting workflow. Software required: Katana 2.6, RenderMan 21, NUKE 11, and Maya 2017.

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